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Ready to visit an Opendoor home?

Come on in with our new self-tour feature. Just use the Opendoor app to visit thousands of homes across the country any day of the week from 6am-9pm*.

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1. Download the RealtyGO App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. Go to the RealtyGO-owned home you want to visit and open the app, it will automatically know which house you’re visiting.

3. Press the unlock button and wait a few seconds for the door to unlock, then let yourself in.

4. Take your time touring the home and see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

5. Once you’re done, leave the same way you came in and close the door behind you.

Tour any home on the market

Now, in select markets, you can schedule an appointment to self-tour any home on the market with a tour assistant!

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Helpful tips when touring a home owned by RealtyGO

Kindly lock up
Please lock any doors you unlock during your tour.

Discover more homes
Use the app to find similar homes nearby and visit those homes for comparison.

Say hello
See another home shopper touring the same home? Say hello and give them space to enjoy their tour!

Look out for gated communities
There are some RealtyGO homes that require an agent to enter. These include homes in gated communities and homes which have active renovations in-progress. Don’t worry, we’ll clearly identify any homes not eligible for a self-tour.

Take notes
Bring a notepad and tape measure. Take any measurements you want and keep helpful notes along the way.


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