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If I invest and something happens to EquityZen, what happens to my investment?

Investments through IPOGO are structured through fund vehicles. IPOGO has engaged a fund administrator, who has been contracted and paid to administer IPOGO funds, including providing K-1s and making distributions to investors for the life of a given fund. In the event that IPOGO were to become insolvent, we would engage a back-up manager to [...]

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Can I sell before the company goes public? What are the methods if I want to exit or cash out my investment?

While we view your membership interest as a long-term commitment, in most instances, your LLC ownership is transferable after a twelve month holding period if you own at least 2% of the fund with the permission of the manager. If you meet the requirements to be transferable, you can explore an exit using our Express [...]

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When can I expect the company I’m in investing in to go public or get acquired?

We cannot guarantee an exit nor a timeline for any of our offerings. However, the majority of investment opportunities on our platform are companies who have received institutional financing from late-stage or growth funds, who have a typical investment horizon of 2-5 years. Given the relative illiquidity of investments available via the IPOGO platform, they [...]

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What happens if a company in which I invested goes public?

When a company goes public, there are some procedural steps and legal requirements that must be followed. Generally, we will seek to unwind the IPOGO fund or series into which you invested and transfer a number of shares, equivalent to your pro-rata ownership in the fund or series, to a brokerage account you designate. The [...]

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How is my investment treated for tax purposes?

Your investment in an IPOGO fund would be taxed like any other fund investment. Our LLC funds are taxed as partnerships, meaning that the fund’s gains and losses would pass through to its investors. Generally, if an investment is held for more than one year before its disposition, any income resulting from that investment would [...]

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