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Can I invest via IPOGO if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes, our platform is global - international investors can invest through IPOGO. In order to invest in our offerings, you will need to be an accredited investor, per the SEC definition. As an international investor, you will need to provide a copy of your passport, proof of residence, and a completed W-8 form following the [...]

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Why can’t I just buy the shares directly from the shareholder?

Direct share acquisitions are possible on IPOGO but typically only for large ($200K+) investment sizes. Secondary investments in private companies require much more legwork than your typical public stock transaction (for example on Fidelity or Charles Schwab). For one, every transaction must go through the company when shares change hands (imagine telling IBM or Microsoft [...]

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What am I purchasing when I invest?

When you make a typical investment on IPOGO, you are purchasing ownership in an IPOGO fund that owns the shares of one company (single-company funds) or many companies (multi-company funds). You will not own the stock in the company directly.   Investors join this fund (organized as an LLC) as Limited Partners. This fund will [...]

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I just joined and I don’t see any companies to invest in. Why is this?

Due to regulatory reasons, you won’t be able to see any offerings that were listed before you joined. We typically have 15+ Live offerings at any given time and you should start to see new Live offerings in about two weeks. In the meantime, you can always search the Listings page for companies and enter a desired [...]

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How are the investments structured?

IPOGO offers single, multi-company, and direct share acquisition investment opportunities that are structured as follows:   Single company: Investors get exposure to a single company through an IPOGO investment vehicle (e.g. IPOGO Growth Technology Fund – Series 123). Investors become limited partners in a vehicle that will own only the shares of a single company. The shares will be fully vested stock, [...]

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Are there investment fees?

Typically, you will be charged a one-time sales fee through IPOGO Securities LLC. This fee generally scales based on the size of your investment. Investments up to $500,000 will be charged a 5% fee; investments of $500,000 up to $1 million will be charged a 4% fee; and investments of $1 million and up will [...]

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What’s the minimum investment size?

All new investors on IPOGO are eligible to make their first investment* at a reduced minimum of $10,000. Additionally, investors who have invested in five or more deals are also eligible for $10,000 investment minimums. For investors with more than one but less than five investments, our minimum investment size is typically $20,000. * Reduced [...]

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